Asset Stripping

Relevant Song:- Asset Stripping

Well nice to see comrade Broon back on form with yet another bit of blarney, the man that has never gotten a thing right, in the red camp that says it has its fingers on the pulse of society, the workforce, the monetary system, the so called terrorism that old scapegoat of fear me dears. In his considered opinion he is doing the right thing sticking to his guns, bet the recruitment drive doesn’t reflect it, any takers, even hounding them to take any job in an artificially diminished work sector, will only force them into safe retreats from the system, as it beats as it sweeps as it disinfects. Almost hearing the words not being said, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate ….


Now society says if we steal we will be punished, even making false claims is called fraud, funny how not even one politician has been brought to justice for the expenses row, cant be they just closed ranks and decided they are the power could it. If we take money under false pretenses we will be incarcerated, lose our families, homes, savings and anything that the state troopers can confiscate from us. But banker can keep taking money as they see fit and are now answerable to no one least of all a puppet government that is proving to be having its strings pulled by the money institutions of the world and not by the power invested in them by virtue of our proxy vote. True power it seems is the pound in your pocket.


Getting a bonus for us, means that we have to produce a profit to share in the payout by a set percentage, or at least that is how it works for us, but the other rule for the ruling segment is claim you could earn such and such and demand the bonus regardless, yeah where can we all sign up to that one mate, oops forgot we are an us and the new exception is theirs after all we are the rule being ruled by the exceptions. Obviously its better to be one of them than one of us all this while the shoe is still on the other foot, but you all know what is going to happen next don’t you, after all it is about time for the dog to wag the tail, maybe even a little past time for it. All change for the next stop, mind your heads make sure you have your belongings and stay in line for the death camps of the oppressors.


The whole idea of New Labour in hindsight is it has turned out even worse than the Tories would have. They gave themselves powers that the toff’s couldn’t or wouldn’t, being power to the people generation mindsets, they could sweep clean with a new besom (witches broom, or brush) sweeping the old order under the proverbial carpet and thinking that the mess just won’t show.


People that have worked for decades have just begun to realize that their pensions can never deliver, from the people that cannot organize a piss up in a brewery that all know that money does not work like that. After all cash in hand is hard to steal, but credit in a bank well that’s a different story now isn’t it. Insurance policies, life policies, endowment policies, investments, pensions, and retirement fund’s all handy places for the greedy to lay their hands on the loot.


In this day and age when people are sick and tired of buying property and sinking their life’s sweat into bricks and mortar, that will almost certainly become negative equity, and will be sold at dirt prices, done up and resold by a profiteering mindset and someone else will be laughing all the way to the bank, that now puts a whole new meaning on the saying doesn’t it.


Well Labour has finally stepped up to the plate and is now ready to get Britain working, except of course the jobs market is diminishing and manufacturing is in decline, the service industry is the first victim in a recession, and it is still a spiraling recession no matter how much tax payers money has been used to propagandize, a new shoots heraldic call of the times. Hardly the man of the moment then is he, this nations illustrious leader. For in his considered opinion we should stay in Afghanistan and root out the terrorist, every news report that has come out of the district showing so called al-Qaida terrorists, they always have bikes and carry guns and always have their faces covered and yet they are all keen to talk to the infidel and don’t seem to feel threatened by the cameras, they look like paid actors acting for the camera, I don’t think murderous terrorists with a hatred of the west would ever stoop to being filmed by them, and how come the cameras can find them and yet the modern day ambush tactics of under cover troops don’t get them sort of begs a question doesn’t it. The so called terrorist threat to the west is simply an undermining of the western power by increasingly active political groups as they begin to understand that they can now achieve more by using our own powers against us on our own turf. The so called bomb making factories and terrorist cells are as mythical by their conspicuous absence as the story of the resurrection of the Scottish Tory.


The next general election is already shaping up to be the one that shows the greatest drop of in turn out in the history of the modern political system. Pay into a pension plan and the system steals it from you, buy a house and it will devalue so much that the state asset stripping faculties will leave you worse of and to cap it all you will now work in a system that has never delivered until you drop in the harness. Yeah comrade Broon where do we all sign up to that crock, after all we all know that there is no crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, imagine thinking the best educated and best informed populace in the world, would ever be fooled all of the time.


Well chairman Broon has yet again shown just how out of touch with public opinion he really is, he cant phone a friend in this great debate, he has to at least be seen to be a leader, he cant ask the audience as their opinion runs contrary to the state stance and we know they will never downgrade their seventy five to twenty five split on the takings so he cant be seen to be going fifty, fifty on the current issues. The state owned game of life has nearly run its full gamut of the hurdles and deficits that are springing up from all quarters to hinder the march of progress as dictated by the democratic process.


Any turnout that does not produce a majority is doomed to be a failed system that is unsupported by the masses. The writing is on the wall, when the armed forces are being used as a tool for public opinion, while the grumbling in the rank and file is getting up to a right old fever pitch, our boys in uniform are out at the sharp end and dying for a government policy that they don’t support. The lads are still paying taxes and paying their dues while their own precarious position clearly indicates that they have no place to return to and cannot by the nature of their training ever be successfully reintegrated back into the populace. This nation is so poor it cannot possibly ever support the shear weight of numbers in the rank and file. No one is still buying all the land fill waste that was pouring out of the cheep end of production that was flooding a failing retail market place to the extent that we now wont be fooled again. The old adage is still viable even in this day and age. You can fool some of the people all of the time (the ones that keep buying into the system), you can fool all of the people some of the time (we all want a system that does work) but you cannot ever fool all of the people all of the time. Live and learn is not within the mindset of the powers that be, as their actions and renewed drives all clearly show.


Why is it that after two thousand years of so called democracy do we still have a limping invalid for a power base. They have lest than a majority as sixty percent of people do not vote (those that can never be fooled), the forty percent (the some that are fooled all of the time and buy into the charade) are the only ones to buy into it all every time as they have a vested interest, they all get a state pay and the sixty percent get a state hand out or get short shrift it they act up. How is it that the political system cannot reign in the bloody minded bankers in a land where we have laws to stop them doing what they are still bloody mindedly doing. The most powerful political weapon in the land is still the cash in our pockets, not exactly how it propagandizes its actual position now is it. Withholding labor does nothing but make them take the hard stance of the dictatorial rule of law. But stop the illusion of a cash flow and keep them short of cash and strip the credit delusion that is only a big piggy bank for the elite minority to help themselves to as they see fit. Cant imagine why that is about to fail can you. 


It still says one thing and does exactly as it pleases as and when it pleases and what do we think we can do about it. After all they rule the ruled from the stand point of the exceptions to the rule, one law for them and do as your told for the rest of us.


Cant even say another day another dollar as the American lead of only giving state benefit for a year is fast becoming the final straw that the idiot think tank still has to fall back on, and then the brown smelly stuff will really hit the fan, for that is to much hot water to pour on the tepid frog on the boiling pot, it is enough to ignite a leap of faith out of the dire situation imposed by a failed imperial system disguised as a de-mockery-a-c.


How come a one eyed man with his eye on the ball cannot even read the signs let alone, read the writing on the wall, even when it is a neon blast to the rest of us. Can we ever trust a leadership that ignores public opinion and shows that it clearly answers to another master in the high towers of finance as they drive for world conquest against the grain, against the tide and flying in the face of public opinion. It just beggars belief in this so called enlightened age. The harder they drive with a will to achieve this domination rule of law the more they will destroy the very thing they say they are working towards on our elected behalves, better run it by your money masters for their final approval comrade Broon. But keep up the good work you are doing more to bring about change than any other idiot that thought they could rule in the lineage of man since this rigged game was first enforced on the masses, its origins are lost way back in the annals of recorded time.


The unconscious will of the suppressed majority is the only thing that is keeping this stagnation process at a standstill and it is this will that will eventually turn the tide, three in every five people choose to not enter into a rigged game that cannot now or ever succeed. While we all still hold onto the pound in our pocket. Just ask Frank Skinner how safe your money is, and he wasn’t even profiteering, he just wanted to preserve what he had and the queens own investors fleeced him by investing in another American stalwart.


Nothing is as safe as houses, the only people that are laughing all the way to the bank are the ones that work run the show from the counting houses, money changers, Christ picked a fight with them and look what happened to him. The blind are leading the blinded, the signs of the times are that police are getting away with murder, bankers can and do, do as they please, and politicians are all above the law when they fiddle the system. One law for them and do as your told for us, while the credit system fails miserably. The world burns with a fever as they all fiddle as they please.  


Ah well just another day in hell. Ho oow Heave Ho shift that barge tote that bail, standing on the brink its about to fail. Back to the salt mines comrades the revolution is still turning it over. Yeah it’s more like mulling and milling but what else can we possibly expect from dithering dodderers, and dunderheads. The blind are truly leading the blinded by the light of a fabled utopia that for two thousand years is now further from realisation than ever it has been in the annals of history. That’s enough babbling about the bedlam of Beelzebub.

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