Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

No Shelter from the Storm

A storm is raging around the world as some of the media stop reporting the truth and start towing the party line, while politicians salve the public perceptions and hide behind scapegoat policies of compassion while they all deal with the devil. The sons of Thomas still shout out the words of caution, this is then tempered by the actions of the sons of Cain as they flog the willing Able to death, while held in rigor by their own good nature, they are staked to the cross of their own making. The willing to please, can be dominated with ease.


The Paralympics Gold fever has blinded the ailing state into a last desperate bid to get the sixty percent abstainers to join the only game in town, while forty percent of the state ranks loopholes have been closed stopping the weak and infirm from getting days off with pay. The beaters are out in force and they intend to win. The state viewpoint that the only society that can work is one that has a purpose, even though manufacturing has hit an all time low and had passed its point of usefulness as greed has put items well out of the reach of the pyramids base. The very foundation of humanity that the emotionally dead state has stood on the shoulders of. There are not enough people or man-hours to deal with all of the problems, from drink the only universally legal drug on the planet and all of its antisocial problems, violence, injury, police, hospitals, emergency services, social workers (that cant even keep the most at risk safe from abuse) and the courts that keep letting the guilty out on the streets again to do further drink fueled damage to the system. Nice little merry go round they have going keeps the status quo in their control doesn’t it.


The naughty people of the world who just wont play the rigged game the state hands out for life, a life of misery in the machine that produces waste and rubbish products while it shoves the money around to make it look as if cash flows, when it so clearly doesn’t, it needs stirring. That along with bullying tactics and legislation changes to bully are coming into force on a daily basis, amazing how busy they get when their dreams survival depends on it. The voter is staying away in droves because there isn’t a No vote on any ballot. A sort of dictatorial you will take our selection and play our game or we will nominate ourselves, change legislation and hound you towards our perfect state. Or drive you to suicide which saves us trying to recruit you and cull you in a foreign land in the name of world peace, only to abandon you when you demob and leave you to spiral down the social slope, left to a fate of isolation mental health problems and an ultimate inevitable drunken demise, as you will be hooked on drink by then just to cope with suppressing your feelings to be more like the emotionally dead.


The state is in a fine old two and eight as it is. They say they are working and acting in our collective best interest. The emotionally dead are only alive in their heads. The are not capable of compassion, it just isn’t in the Sons of Cain’s genetic strain. They hound the progress of our collective being to facilitate their own vision of life, as it should be in an unfeeling world run by robots for robots by the slaves to the pound, dollar and of course that yearning yen. No one that has ever voted has ever been given or even asked for the vision of the final utopia that we would select, instead we have their imposed order and not the one our elected servants should be working towards, not in our name they will, give themselves any money they like, that makes them seem reasonable in our eyes musn’t offend the waverer’s, cant be seen to be to free with the cash in the kitty under the spotlight of the public hounds of good behavior. The cash up front should be enough for the greedy to get by and of course they can also whore themselves and their positions for a little or a lot on the side depending if they are high or low class, hookers for self preservation and all under the very dubious banner of progress. Change laws and legislation as they see fit to bring about better control, better cash flow, even though the silent majority have stripped the cash flow to a bare minimum, must be cramping a few life styles by now, should be able to see the dead would falling out of the saline solution as the stirring mechanism (buying and selling) slows down. The rumor mill is hard on the case with stories of recovery, house prices rising, with people that would have been conned before having to deal with their kids being hounded to war, pressurised by no jobs and the only option is do their bidding or die.


Food prices have risen as cheep manufactured rubbish has fallen of to a trickle. The rate of landfill is still the biggest indictment against the manufacturers of the capitalist society. The illusion of the utopic state is finally dropping its façade to the disclosure to the general public via the media hound dogs of war. A two well informed and two well educated populace that has been tricked and duped by the liars for to long. The west end gentleman’s club just might be hearing more of this type of gossip these days.


‘The natives are revolting m’lud, they wont give us their gold for the pretty baubles anymore, and they are definitely getting restless, if not antsi in the pants. They won’t waste their lives doing menial tasks and let us live high of the hog, from the sweat of their backs and brows any more, and we cant trick enough of them into the army or the police to keep the rest of the rabble in their place any more. I say starve the blighters turn up the heat cut off their retreat from the storm. After all we rule don’t we?’


The Germans were coerced into kowtowing by a small group of bullies and tyrants that banded together against a people that just wanted peace, and to be left in peace. They used bureaucracy to drive the heard, they gave themselves powers to stop and search, they asset stripped the people they envied and they got away with it then. This disease has spread through out the world as again the faceless bureaucrats hound the little people in the guise of doing their public service. Not one we agreed to, not one we voted for or signed up for but one imposed by the state ideology groups, those faceless men and women that can think in a higher order for the common man and feel that they are doing us a service. If that was true how come after two thousand years of governments they still cannot get it to work right.


A frog in a pot of cold water that is put on a lighted cooker will gradually acclimatise, one degree at a time and will end up a boiled amphibian, if a frog is dropped into a boiling jar of water it will jump right out again, this and all of the nations of the world have been subject to a gradual erosion of awareness, rights and freedoms, and an imposed order that does not serve the people but is the tool of a self designated elite minority that has given itself power to enforce its will against the will of the majority, after all governments are only representative of one in five of the populace, three in five of the populace don’t vote and that is still the majority in any so called democracy, any dictator knows that.


It has never worked throughout history, empires have crumbled because the needy little greedy little tyrants cant help themselves helping themselves with all that loot to be had, greed administered by an imposed ruthless regime topples dynasties, empires and Rome, Greece and the British Empire stand in testament to this fact of human nature. If the head is in the clouds the root is in the silt of the earth and that fact is inescapable in an imperfect world. The nature of the beast is set in stone and like the leopard it can never become striped, it will always be easy to spot even in the undergrowth.


The true power to reign in the greedy is in our pockets by keeping the cash out of circulation they cannot establish a credit based society that controls absolutely everything. Any pound, dollar or yen in your pocket is a pound, dollar or yen less in their pockets. After all given the recent power struggle by governments to reign in banks, how come the banks are still doing as they please, and giving themselves large bonuses as they like based on their so called earning capability and not on results. No need to wonder who is the real power and its obvious to note that all governments are just puppets of the financial system, best seen in the judicial system as it openly acts as a corporate enforcement arm instead of delivering justice to the beleaguered people of the country.


The young are easily led as they all clamor for fame and fortune, that just shows them up for their greedy disposition and they don’t even know it. Ask most of them and they will say they want the fame to get well laid by some other greedy person that will sell their looks and best behavior to share in an easy lifestyle, that and any possible divorce settlements are the best incentives for the modern day entrepreneur.


The power hungry all go for money for the right reasons, just look at George Michael and other celebrities that court fame and fortune and use it to secure power brokers so that they can literally do as they please regardless of the laws of the land. As high earners they can all expect a lot of leverage or latitude with the powers that be. Power puts certain types above the reach of the law and money lubricates the wheels of greed, and every politician has just recently learned that they can have limited powers and will from now on be held accountable for transgressions and their actions and that will from now on include their mistakes or misdeeds. They have been reigned in and the money is still a bone of contention, they courted power and didn’t think to secure money without the flaw in human nature tripping them up as they greedily went about fiddling while the world burns in the embers of a failed system as the people of the world begin to stand back and stop playing the only offered game in town and begin to suspect that other reclusive groups may have a better game plan in the wings ready to take over after the next night of the long knives.


It is only a matter of time, the frog will never jump back into the pot, the Genie will never incarcerate itself again and the clock is ticking to the end of time itself.


The immune system is an amazing thing when it is believed in, but when it is much maligned and undermined then it becomes faulty from lack of faith, the data about the swine’s flu is being cranked by the government propaganda machine while the heroes of the national press and small groups of outspoken people are breaking the lie behind the innocuous inoculations. The flue is a natural killer of the weak and infirm natures culling device and this pigs version is no worse and our immune systems are proving this on a world wide stage, so just what are they up to, we don’t need it and the scare mongering tactics are not working and the resistance is growing daily, just what are they really up to out of sight and mind.


Just why are they handing your taxes directly to the thieves banks and its now a case of do not pass go, do not collect two hundred pounds and go straight to jail if you don’t do as you are told. Not enough police and not enough jails and to much insurrection in the ranks, even the army in a foreign land has had it with the lies the lack of money getting to the troops on the ground as resources, weapons and medicines. They have been hung out to dry and they know it. And when they get back the system is set up to fail them even further so why do it at all. The recruitment drives are failing and the lies still keep coming out of the central west end boys brigade piggy bank. The self preservation society that are at this moment in power of the failing system that has never delivered, a failing consumer market, coupled with a massive drop off in production. Firms are jumping on the band wagon to take advantage of the government scheme to trade their old gas guzzlers in to save money and this has produced an out of character fluctuation in the direct result of out trend towards getting on our toes or on our bikes, and the propaganda machine has tried to seize the buck in the trend and claim a victory a turnaround in a downward trend. Yeah that’s right mate stories of new shoots are the modern day Nessie, the Scottish Tory and other mythical delusions from the state un-think tanks drive towards total control and absolute power. Just try to find a poor politician and the myth soon becomes obvious to all.


The billions raised in taxes cant be split between the greedy piggy banks and still deliver equipment and resources to the front lines while still keeping schools short of resources they still need to be topped up by donations and this has been the case for decades now. This top heavy system just does not do what it says on the tin can anyone blame the Iranian people for not voting in the new resident evil bully boy tactics of the west the squanderer of world resources and the biggest hypocrites around as they pollute the world at a rate to big to stave of climate failure from the nation that is the most massive resource hogs on the planet. Just cant understand that, can you. The forty percent rule still applies in fledgling nations and the west is dropping its collective support of the power hungry that are sight and hearing impaired as they ignore the nations outcries and overlook the needs of our own nation. The world control they are trying to exert is more likely to ensure that they control everything and can do as they please when they get there. Nothing to worry about there then is there. But just where does all of the worlds taxes go to when our troops are fighting a rear guard action with next to no resources and equipment, thank god for aid parcels from parents and loved ones. How long before they are left defending the foreign soil with pitch forks and rocks. Just the same old dictator running the show and ruling the roost as they see fit with a what are you going to do about it arrogance that just sets our nerves on edge. While they are all fudging the books and fiddle expenses as the empire burns leaving an oil filled plume of arid smoke, blanketing world opinion of governments.


Raise a glass to the silent majority the sixty percent that withhold total power from the elite greedy few that will continue to do as they do until that day that is yet to come. The beginning of their end is in sight. We can all look forward to that day when they collectively put their heads between their knees and kiss their rears goodbye.