The Shoe on the Other Foot

Well we all heard the honorable gentleman complain that life was grim at the sharp end of assumed public opinion, as he winged he had less rights than the lowest of the land.


Imagine being branded a liar a cheat and a thief without a prosecution in sight, imagine being guilty until proven innocent in the land of the innocent until proven guilty. Imagine never having committed any of the supposed or imagined crimes that are currently being held against your grouping, say the collective that is elected ministers, and being hounded by the press and public opinion, without the right to answer the imagined charges, the supposed transgressions. Imagine not having a voice in a public witch hunt, not even a spokes person to defend you. Say like the unemployed and the people on the sickness benefits, that have been in this unhappy position for decades.


Awe shame for the poor we man, so just how bad did his little experience of having no rights go, right there in the public eye where the glare is bright and the heat relentless. Imagine being made to account for yourself and your every action to some other review body, best hope that they haven’t got an axe to grind from their own situation or history.


The so called honorable gentleman may like to review the kind of treatment that has gone on as a complete world order crashes to ruin around us, we the people of the earth know to many facts and will never be fooled again, we will never again take our eye of the ball. There are no paragons of virtue in industry, politics, policing, churches of all denominations, even Jehovah’s witnesses keep a close eye on there own, children’s homes have been closed down because the beast can fool the busy exec as he pays lip service to his job to get the pay, just like the rest of us, we all just want the money, and we all do the least we have to, to get it, the truly unfortunate have fallen outside the grace and favor blanket of the main stream and have to keep themselves pressed to the wheel to eak out the little they can, and the privileged few that enjoy the grace and favor of the elite echelons of the high table have had it too easy for to long.


The other big issue of the day of course is, all of the rats have left this sinking ship and it may well be floundering without a captain at the helm but it still hasn’t sunk yet. A minister is only as good as the system that supports him to do his job, have we managed to achieve a system that no longer needs a captain at the helm, is the vessel now capable of seafaring without the need for a captain, and only a skeleton crew, can it be that it is only when it enters a port that a pilot is needed to get the ship docked.


Human nature being what it is, has just about proven that we all need to be monitored, and there can be no assumed pious state, especially from any of the professions, and even from the religious bodies of the world. No one is above the law, privilege can only be extended to situation and income, the law is another thing entirely no man and no office is above the law, that goes for the so called defenders of the law, the murderers in uniform have to be brought to task to show that this is the case, any judicial body that assumes it is above the law needs a rude awakening.  


An innocent was shot seven times in the head, a man was body checked in a street situation and the ranks are closing to protect there own yet again. This is a clear signal to anyone with homicidal tendencies that you can join the force and you can get away with murder. Is this the sort of signal that should be sent out. Is this the sort of example that should be set. If children’s homes closed because they couldn’t screen out the beast, just how much of a chance do the police, the social workers.


It comes to something when the very best that several thousand years of development and progress can bring to our collective state of enlightenment, and yet the very best that we can plan for is the worst of human nature and to put systems into place that are monitoring every aspect of life from the top to the bottom.


Our present political system has evolved into a collective lie. We are not a democracy and no country is. In a democracy the majority is carried and given the rule of the land. Well sixty percent of the voting populace of this great isle don’t vote and in anybodies democracy that is the majority. Out of the forty percent of the remainder, the direct correlation between the state paid professions and state owned workforces is a direct parallel in proportions. Two in five people vote for this outdated antiquated free for all that buy into it, police, health service, social services, armed forces, prisons, all the usual suspects all keep this lie alive to preserve their own wedge. Out of the remaining forty percent the winner will be elected in a three horse race by a margin of forty percent, that means that the ruling body is representative of les than one person in five, now that is dictatorial rule in anybodies totalitarian state mate. And it asll ticks over even when the puppet masters are on a break.


The voting system that is used today is outdated and is based on a now defunct need for secret ballots, in this country today we can use an electronic system and all of the state databases to id the person take their vote and display the count all in one go. With a local monitoring body of electors to jury duty the process, means the public is involved in the whole process and it is never off the radar in some secret counting houses, where there is many a slip between cup and lip.


A fair ballot system does get used in the house of commons, the ayes to the left and the no’s to the right and the abstainers are all counted, just another case of hunt the red queen: ‘now then paddy I have put three shovels against that wall and I now want you to take your pick’. Yet our own ballot system says if you are not in it you cannot win it. Rigged and hog tied, and choosing from the candidates elected by the liars themselves, the lion is trying to dictate how it should be fed.


None of these proposals by any of the parties has ever shown that they have the solution to the problem, yet they are quick to have us re-elect their buddies.


All sort of makes you think doesn’t it.


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