The Dawning of the New Golden Era

Well the great debate has begun in the public eye and the old enemies of reason are finally on the ropes, the debate is happening in every bar, home mind and heart, just where was this world heading and who was responsible, is at last under the microscope of the knowing majority and not some state foisted excuse and whitewash mechanism from the hive mind. General Joe public has withheld their money from the cash flow and the piggy bank ants that were all hogging the money and the privilege got the shock of their tiny little minds, and the thieves all went into overdrive to turn every trick to get us to buy back into the old ways, but the voice of reason has had its say and the apocalypse that never was, was averted and the manipulating control freaks have been caught in the spotlight of the public glare. Just saying sorry will never wash away the sins of avarice.


The police brutality findings will change this world forever for the arrogant nucleus that still clings to the illusion of power think that they can get away with murder, they think that they are the law and not just its upholders and defenders, but its creators in our employ and that they can amend it and adjust it to suit themselves/us you make your mind up. They forget that no one can ever be above the law, and all their trumped up rules and regulations are not part of any charter that any of the consensus of opinion ever signed up to. Party handovers were costing the nation a fortune as the new broom’s always swept clean the old order to the cost of every tax payer since, the national debt is a glaring admission that they cannot even balance the books with an accountant in the dock. We elect and they throw away the rules and make up their own and just how did they get the power to decide their own pay and shouldn’t that be everyone’s prerogative after all they keep proving they are the very worst of human kind not its examples and not an honourable man among them, so why should they not be held to the rules of an independent body that only has the power to set their pay and they can petition pay rises if the get their union rep to take the claim to their bosses. That would be the shoe on the other foot. Piss ups and breweries spring to mind all of a sudden.


Punishment was invented to punish offenders that broke the law and the judgmental power hungry thought that pre-emptive powers were what was needed to prevent crime, even a first year psychology student could have told these myopic fools that it takes the individual of a particular moral fibre to stick to the laws and a whipped dog will cow tow to heavy handed masters of brutality. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure should come with the warning that an ounce of stupidity will cost a ton of recovery and all of its grandchildren, just like old age doesn’t come on its own either.


Until each and every one of us upholds the law by ourselves without the need for herding by any control and enforcement group, we are all just going to be more careful what we instil in our children. But that the natural laws of this world still reflect the greatest truth of all, in this world force will always breed resistance ask any engineer or mechanic about friction and you can see why it will never succeed so why institute it except to do a Mel Brook’s and have a flop to cash in on in some underhanded fashion. You cannot kill your way into paradise, you cannot force against an unwilling mindset, belligerence will overcome even an Iron curtain, history has proven for millennia that the oppressors fall into corruption and that are at each others throats as they throw blame and accusation about to mask their escape.


The big climate debate and the money crash has made us all think about the facts of our lives in a way that the populace of this planet has never done since it sprang from the imagination of god way back when the rumours about him being a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim were not even written in any chapters of any good or bad book, even before books were a concept in the mind of men. Now that this debate has made people stop buying cars and start looking for jobs closer to their home to reduce the overburdened travel time that eroded the quality time off they all felt they were entitled to either for self pursuit or for quality sharing with loved ones or friends. The commercial bubble has finally burst and the need for everyone to work is from the concept that we should all contribute even in the day to day running of our own communities and our central structure and social support network. The day is fast approaching when the reality of a three day week and a job shared will stop anyone from growing an ego that thinks its actually in control and on a three day local job with little need for manufacturing causing a need for nuclear power to keep the lights on for the people that afraid of the dark or their own shadows.


The government sponsored drive to get us all to need nuclear power is starting its second faze and now that they have a fictitious terrorist threat to cause a smoke screen with, seven years of war two isolated incidents, compared to the Irish conflict and even the old Irish chestnut being resurrected didn’t quite take the threat up a notch, seems we wont be fooled again. They think that the bribery used to get us all electrically motivated will push up the demand for power and they can bring out the big guns to get their wicked way, while the beat from the street says we are all selling off the cars, buying bikes going camping and keeping our cards close to our chests, talk about being out of touch, the electricity companies with their drive to get every household in the land enforced to accepting the new electric meters that cannot be switched of at the mains and just keep taking money and raising the need for continuous burning of fossil fuels. If the power goes down then the machines boot back up and don’t miss a beat, so how come a machine that cannot be switched of by the user at the mains can do this? must be just a fluke cant be a corporate decision now can it. And they will use the old excuse to enter properties for upgrading and maintenance, by using the corporate enforcement arm, that old defender of property and material goods the legal process, you know the one that lets crooks, swindlers and fraudsters get away with fortunes without paying for the crime, yes the same one that has hidden its own offenders off the public map, or under the official press releases, that has until now has let its own get away with murder. The ones that cant do dawn raids on paedophiles and rapists for fear of offending someone’s civil right and liberties, yet local authority bodies have been using idle surveillance equipment to spy on Joe public, under the disguise of civil defence. Was that a line and just when did they cross it and who made these petty pen pushers judge jury and executioner, talk about a dictatorship in a velvet red glove comrade. Just who do they think they are kidding Mr Fiddler, and talking of bankers and other hedge fund dodgers, the prisons are overcrowded with the rank and file and except for Jeffrey Archer almost none of their own end up in there, must just be a reflection of their exceptional characters eh. No cads and bounders there then just good old Johnny and his faithful bull excrement  dog.


The fact that for the last thirty years the elected have been getting several consecutive stays in office has been a powerful lesson to the new voting populace, “Never let the Lion dictate how it wants to be fed”, human nature is the same the world over when small petty men get into power it goes to their heads and they consistently just put on the nose bag or get down in the trough and all you can see is their tails in the air. No party has ever delivered its manifesto since time began because that would give an unheard of majority to a party that cares more for its own rules than the laws of the land that they are elected to defend. The lesson for the future is no party should ever get more than one term and it must be forced to change by legislation until they show that they really are the elite honourable gentlemen that they pretend to be. It may just be about the handovers after all they must stop squandering resources and billing us as if we are bottomless pit of cash just there for their green and need. They never seem to learn and never seem to hand on information to the next up to bat something that they penalise in our level of reality.


The Cromwellian decision for an opposition was to negate the rise of a single power to absolute hight like a monarchy, this took into account the nature of man even way back when, and it just hasn’t changed much since, we should understand that we need to recruit not the willing jumped up palm greasers and second hand car salesmen that are naturally drawn to the easy picking where they can operate unsupervised and the pickings are rich, but the socially aware good minded conscientious people of the world who will always remember they are the servants of the nations trust. The mechanism that dogs the state of progress need to be replaced with expertise and skills that reflect the need of the governing bodies and that will enhance the process and aid the representatives of our greater needs. That doesn’t end up just getting sidelined into party political lines but directly targets social needs, you know the same old suspects, crime, housing, schools, medical care, the elderly oh yeah and lets not forget the police.


Ah well comrades back to the salt mines yet again.


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