The Burden Of Proof

A mother lets her son travel three stops on the underground, six stops on a bus to travel from a department store to her front door and the world is up in arms. The boy travels by foot every day to and from school and that is an advertisement to all the literate paedophiles that follow the news. The actual public debate may have the effect of targeting the boy with its justifiable intrusions; after all we all have the right to know even if it harms the boy more than the incident.


A minority government manages to threaten, bribe and call in all of its overdue favours to bolster a failing leaders dictatorial need to show form to the electorate, and we will all have to live with the fact that this now means that ethnic groups are now ostracised by law, without any need for the state to justify its actions or even prove their suspicions. Incarcerating people without charge is after all a normal function for a de-mockery- cy. No self respecting dictator would ever want to shut people away without good reason now would they. Every self respecting decent democracy should be able to bully its own people to all chip in and play the game. To forcibly make the masses all contribute or else they will send round the firm.


In a country that claims to uphold the best standards of civil liberties and civil rights in the world, where one vote per person ensures that the majority elect is selected to represent the people that voted them into power. A dictatorial state cannot in theory ever happen here can it. Yet in a country that prides itself that we are all innocent until proven guilty the unemployed are being hounded to prove themselves without ever having a charge brought against them. In a destabilised and disintegrating market place, where for the last ten years the largest growth sector has been re-education or re-training and that all of the targeted growth areas have not realised their potentials.


The son of a preacher man is a closet dictator, a PC dictator is just another name for a people hater. After all a dictator has to have someone to boss about and to boss someone about is a statement in action it says:-


ü  One person in the situation feel they know better in a so called equal state where we are all born equal. And they altruistic and don’t make any money from the process.

ü  One person in the group feel that they know better for the group so that it will produce the outcome they desire, and everyone else should want what they want as an outcome. Shouldn’t we?

ü  Leaders of the world have all made this a better place, and have managed to abolish war, poverty, poor education, provide reasonable housing, abolished the need for enforced peacekeeping etc, etc, etc……………. They have got it right for two thousand years who are we to argue with that……

ü  Add your own below






The whole point about an elected leader is that they are empowered by our proxy to administer our will on our behalves. The warning signs are already there when the representative we actually voted in is replaced by an internal elected process, the new boy on the block feels that as he wasn’t elected into the power position and that that he has cart blanch to do as he pleases before he is forced to leave the stage by circumstances. After all nine is an overwhelming majority in a divided house. How come no one else can see that a house divided against itself is a ruin. Just another quirky story from the west end farce that is politics.


Nine is not a representative majority and the house of lords are not in the political beasts employ, but they may all be feathered from the same nest.


The whole thing is like the banks that give a good guesser a free hand when he is hot in the speculation market, and those recent misdemeanours can’t be seen as having any influence on the problems that contributed to the economic crisis we are all facing now, now can it. This cannot be compared to an unelected leader enforcing a change on this country because he knows better than all of the various expert advisors that he is surrounded by. No comparison at all really is there. And when we all consider it was a free and uninfluenced vote of like minded people that brought this great shame to here to the nursery ground of the concept of civil rights and liberties. After all how could a failing unpopular leader of the most unpopular party in this land ever get people to vote against their own better judgment. Couldn’t be that the system is so corrupt at all levels and that he has called in all of the favours owed to his party, no what a nasty thinking practice to think the worst of people before they get a chance to hear the charges and prepare a case in defence. 


ü Cannabis experts, police advisors, community drug councillors and public opinion. A war in Afghanistan and the poppy is still getting out. Ineffective ineffectual couldn’t organise a piss up in an ale house brigade still blinkered and yet telling us they see clearer than we do.

ü The police advisors that stated we don’t need to detain without charge, as the longer a person is held the more of them turn out to be innocent. Civil rights activists and the great moral sense of the British people.


The truth be told we are only ever three degrees from disaster at any time in history, if the focus of our attention or the ragging from the press or current rumours is negative we tend to realise more disasters than successes. If we have a positive focus and a sense of confidence in the best outcomes we have more successes than failures.


The equation for the logic heads is this, if you take your highest hopes or expectations and you then take away your worst fears or least expectations about the outcome then whatever is left is what you will be able to realise. If pure logic held all of the answers then Terminal five would have run first time to expectations, weather systems would always be tracked avoiding loss of life and property. The new NHS computer system would have arrived on time and under budget after all they wouldn’t dare stretch it out to rob the public purse would they, oops that’s another bad thinking practice, to assume that industry and the private sector would view the public purse as a free for all brunch for the grant grabbers now that sort of thinking just wouldn’t do now would it. Banks wouldn’t do it, politicians wouldn’t bail them out and bill us for their failed systems. Projects wouldn’t be tendered out to the lowest bidders knowing that the tenders are unrealistically low and can never be realised, and so all contracts over run and are ten times more expensive than the fairy story tenders and bids reflect….. sorry …. Just woke up again must have dozed of into cloud cuckoo land.



Still here we are facing yet another public debate about civil rights erosion, why is this debate going on we have all surrendered our civil right and forfeited our right to being considered innocent till proven guilty, what do you mean. Well the unemployed are now being spot checked not just to see if they are looking for work but to see if they are doing enough to find work. They now have to prove their case to an out of touch employee of the state. They are not being charged with fraud but they are being treated like the guilty party and the government has gotten around this civil right by using a private sector style company interface. No government can be seen to deny its people a fair trial and a legal representation and now they can ignore these rights by targeting the most defenceless of the peoples of this land. Falling jobs markets, failing industries and the expected backlash from The USA still to come and the squeeze is on. With all of the gas bagging going on it will just need a spark to set of the long delayed Guido Fox tinder box to finally take down the house of liars and tin pot dictators. 


From the house of David a giant slayer has stepped up to the line and has with a single slingshot struck the failing leader in the failing light and has taken his sight with an unprecedented act of selfless, outrage for the common mans plight. It may well be to little to late what with public surveillance being misused by the public servants to snoop and peep into real lives for misdemeanours that in no way come close to their own transgressions on our sacred and unalienable rights that a proud historic document that is the bedrock of this land, was dismissed by the blind fool that said history has no place in the making of our future, and so the Magna Carta was consigned to the rubbish heap just days before its anniversary. Cant imagine why Gordon Brown and every one else will stay away from this by election after all the question has been raised, the sacrifice of one political career is on the alter and it may well have the phoenix effect of resurrecting David Davis as a new civil rights champion if the will of the people are the flame that will temper his steel. Then we may all witness the fear in the establishment as they run with their tails tucked between their legs and they just sit in the half light baying at the moon.        


So if we the lowest of the low the great modern day unwashed and unemployed must be held to account and the burden of proof is on us to relinquish our rights to a corporate body that has final say about our welfare and can exercise laws to back up their actions. Why is the highest of the land the nations leaders still exempt from this form of scrutiny, performance related vetting by an independent body seems a fair trade off, having to show sound reasoning to bring unpopular changes to the laws of the land, and the ability to detain without proof anyone that is suspicious either by actions deeds, or intentions to harm the masses. Having to produce good financial models for the future growth of this counties economic inheritance, make them only bring forward cost effective tendering that budgets for the realities of the rip offs that the building sector has been guilty of for the last forty to fifty years.


Single parents got it, the youth of today the so called hoody generation. It is so easy for the establishment to pick on any sector as the biggest squanderers of precious resources and as any magician will tell you if you misdirect the focus of attention away from the real crime a scapegoat can easily be found. The new sacrificial animals are the unemployed. But do they squander more money than a new NHS computer system say, or more than it costs to build a new house of parliament for an outlying district of England say. Or a Millennium Dome, Or a London Eye,  Or more than it costs to wage a war against countries that have weapons of mass destruction say. Or are they responsible for selling off the NHS hospitals that are not making a profit to the private sector. How does a non profit publicly funded enterprise ever get made to try and act like a profit making entity and when it so obviously fails to do so, how can they then justify the selling off of the goods, and just when do we get our shares back after all we all paid for it not the biggest squanderers of resources this world has ever know. Just what was our attention on when that con went down. Just who is the burden of proof on now and do they have anything else left up their sleeves as they misdirect our attention all over the place.


Watch the smoke and the mirrors. Something is about to vanish before your very eyes, the very last of your ever diminishing civil rights and civil liberties. Because you just cant keep your eye on the ball. While the burden of proof is now on us and not them. After all the last vote they took the final count was the No’s were only nine less than the yes’s. In a ballot that would never have been a win at a pit head it would have just been to close to call. But wait a minute in a ballot the No’s don’t have a say either do they. If the abstainers and No votes were all counted there wouldn’t be a majority in just nine votes. To busy counting the yes’s to see the obvious flaw in the count. That is misdirection at its subtlest.  

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