All Washed Up

Another horrendous natural event has happened and the speculation is rife, sonar industry, currents, shortage of deep water fish. Nearly an entire pod of dolphins twenty six so far were beached in inland waterways and not on coastal beaches. Whales sometimes do this for no apparent reason in much smaller numbers, but this horrendous spectacle is just as inexplicable and no less a mystery no matter what the speculators squawk about, before the facts can corroborate a thing.


Why do people speculate if we look at how the media speculate on outcomes, its because of the short term memory of pre incidence, and they can all claim that the broke the incident and ‘reported’ it prior to the final proof being ‘found’. Well banks try to out guess the markets and even governments try to speculate trends, we all try and stay ahead of the moment and only ever remember the successes. It’s not just the so called mediums and soothsayers that claim this domain as their own.


The dolphin incident, the after shocks of earthquakes, the unexpected river floods in china, Greece nearly burned to the ground and more recently had a terrible earthquake. It beggars belief that some groups of people still back guessers and will part with money to leap on their advice. The thing with guessing is the amount of failures are all consigned to room 101, the mind is focused on the successes, and they are all magnified in retrospective memory as the failures fade. Monks the modern day embodiment of pacifism being involved in anti oppression demonstrations and being brutalised by control freak governments. A military government that cannot organise to aid its own people and allows over a hundred thousand to perish rather than do anything themselves, they even allow their own paranoia to block world aid efforts and all of it flying in the face of accepted reason and good sense.


World confidence in the commercialised economy has finally reached the critical mass point in the west, as banks are going to the wall, at the hands of their employed guessers getting it wrong, and these institutions have proved that even they will chase the losses just like a gambler in denial chasing the greedy deal that turns it all around, and even though that can happen it is not the trend or even a high probability of the kinds of repeatable incidents of life. It is the long shot and you would think that banks who have foreclosed on defaulters for centuries because people will hold out to the bitter end rather than try and deal with the debt and manage the payments but will stubbornly hold out against good sense for the long shot to pay off, and the banks all grew rich on the back of this poor reasoning of the masses.


People were all getting into the property market because they all believed the hype that they would be better off and it would help insure their future, well if we look at the amount of elderly parents that have had to sell their properties of to pay for sheltered or care homes. The amounts of families, and every one has at least one set, of either elderly parents or grandparents, will know the hard facts better than any so called reported facts that spew out of the media mouth pieces. With so many having worked all their lives to scrimp to pay off soaring mortgages and rigged fluctuations in interests repayments on soaring mortgage repayments, the survivors of the failed insurance policy mortgages. The lucky winners that have managed to run this gauntlet of misadventures and have survived have run their bodies down and are now suffering from the so called ravages of old age, cant be the ravages of continuous grafts and the pressures of life from the pestilence of the continuous barrage that we all face each and every day from the onslaught of modern demanding life. The final indignity is in the twilight of our years the final fleecing by care homes, is bringing the message home to so many families and they can see that it isn’t worth the effort as the biggest majority would have been in the same boat if they had just paid rent and would actually be healthier and probably happier if the state had been forced to maintain its own housing, if they want us to live in their world why are we continually fooled into thinking that if we contribute we will benefit. Well the aftermath of any disaster the final word is the post mortem. The hype says one thing and the facts say another thing entirely.


The current trend in the down turn in house buying while banks curbing funding as many new mortgages is worrying. The death of three young men in the current middle east crisis and the total reaching one hundred is worrying, but it does stop us thinking about their losses by comparison, and we did invade them, would we put up with that sort of intrusion if the shoe was on the other foot. Misdirection from speculation, flag waving and pomp and circumstance is an old form of the old smoke and mirrors routine. Keep them guessing and they won’t see it coming till it’s to late.


The most worrying thing I heard today is that the governing bodies that oversee education have warned a certain amount of schools that if they didn’t get the grades they would be closed. So education will suffer for a generation of kids because the schools don’t get the grades. The average worker need to be able to read and write, have a reasonable level of numeracy and have good logic and reasoning skills, just how does a little bit of paper figure into the equation. Its yet another burocratic cock-up in the making and we all know better than let these idiots close schools that are providing the basic level of education that is still necessary last time we evaluated the whole process. They cannot close schools without providing a viable alternative for the kids while they all cause chaos just because of the lack little bits of paper. Illiteracy is already a problem in Britain without these idiots compounding the problem. Makes you wonder where they get their rational from as they keep calling either heads or tails and it’s us that suffer as they speculate and gamble with our lives and resources. So in a climate that is stressing how wasteful we are with food, isn’t closing schools that teach and keep kids in the program better than nothing or overcrowding already over pressed neighbouring schools. Just who will bear the final cost of this deep cut philosophy of ‘all or nothing’ and to hell with the cost, well just for those that may take this action hell doesn’t pay up, its extracting payment in torment sound familiar anyone..


The initial highly emotive report that twenty six dolphins were inexplicably killed in a freak incident is one face of the horrendous news item, but the other news in the incident is that there were over seventy mammals involved and that more than forty survived through human intervention. While some people just report the incidents there are always more people directly involved at the sharp end of incidents and the facts always take time to filter through the speculators cross talk and mindless chatter of the monkeys that sit on the sidelines chattering.    

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