The Final Cleanup

Ask a woman about the clean up jobs after a man says he is going to do something, make something or fix something then just, take a moment to look at who actually does the clean up after Mr Fixit has donned his super person disguise. The truth be told well after a man has spent his energies in getting the job done he will leave the clean up to his apprentice and because he has or does he will only ever think about the task and how to do the job, and he will explain if asked that a job is ninety percent preparation and ten percent action. Now just ask a woman and she will tell you that a task is forty nine percent planning two percent action and forty nine percent clean up, because no woman has a skivvie to clean up after them.


The fact that this country’s government berates tyrants that undermine civil liberties and will empower its armed forces to liberate oppressed peoples is what they would like us to think of them. Iraq has an occupational force, while Burma does not, China is occupying a country against the will of the people in Tibet, and In fact the real incentive for the west to enter Iraq is being seen in the oil crisis and the stock exchanges of the world.


We managed to get rid of a dictatorial dynasty when we replaced monarchy in favour of an elected government as a democratic representation of the will of the people…..


Well that’s another fine fairytale as well. In a democratic vote if it is to represent the will of the people it cannot ever disregard the no votes or the abstainers. The house of commons has a voting system that fully reflects the complete vote of the nominated members. Yet when we vote the abstainers are the voting majority, and the common excuse is that the voters are just too lazy disenfranchised, or are ill informed, you know that old excuse used to cut some ice some time ago but in this day and age, when our elected servants are stooping to snooping on us, using private sector buffers to help them circumvent our legal and civil rights, they ignore opinion poles, ignore expert advisors and are keen to use force and coercion on certain sectors of their own electorate. One man one vote, the so called democratic way an electorate that reflects the true majority of the people.


If the House of Commons ever has sixty percent of the vote abstaining that is a vote of no confidence, now the elected bullies would have to step in to whip the fringes into line, coercion from the system foundation that will not allow the people to see the fractures in the system. They will bully the rebels and will keep them all locked in to maintain the system as they will it. Not very democratic, if the collective will is they do not support the system then it should empower a review system that is independent of the ruling body. As they couldn’t be trusted to simply look out for their own interests now could they, just take a look at their history, it’s all a matter of public record for decades. No government since the beginning of the system way back in the annals of history has ever been cost effective, ever delivered their promises or even fulfilled their manifestos, and they never will. Local authorities are the worst money managers in history and central governmental systems have always kept them poor and held strict controls on their ability to raise capital locally.


What should we be able to expect to receive from our elected servants, that they should learn to listen to our collective will should go without saying. That they should all be cost effective and accountable to an independent body that reviews their spending and effectiveness as a collective body not at the party level which would be exploitable through the relative biases. They do expect us to be cost effective and to be answerable to the elected governing bodies. Making a stab at building a sense of fairness for all our sakes especially under the world view of the media glare, is fast becoming a living (west end) farce. This should first off all be a voluntary system, if we don’t agree with the system and don’t vote, how come they still feel they can still demand money with menaces, legal pressure, seizing goods and other forms of coercion. If we hold back the cash long enough they will be the ones brought into line when they realise they are flogging a dead horse. Without our willing cooperation they cannot proceed. The power of your vote has its greatest strength in not being exercised. The alternative is more of the same redressed in a suit of new colours and wrapped up in a new manifesto of modern day unrealistic myths.   


Why should people vote for a system that takes the money with menaces and supports an elitist structure and does not reflect the will of the people? When these people have traditionally given themselves pay rises that are astronomical compared to their party faithful the public sector workers. The great elite of society the public servants,  well that old myth is having a serious knocking today, with the resurgence of strikes to enforce their power holds on certain civil leashes an ancient echo of the struggle of the frustrated historical figure king of the working man Arthur Scargil. That frustrated politician took on a government and lost and caused irreparable damage to the social level of the working mans world by breaking the power of the unions. The whole battle took place on the very public stage of the early days of heavy media coverage. When the world was under the relatively new microscopic view of the one eyed monster, but ask any other country today about the incidents and players then and most of the world will not be able to name them or recall the incident. The most likely response would be a basic shrug of mild disinterest at any questions about the whole pantomime period.


Ask the general world populace now about world event and event the youth of today will know more about world events and players like the recent democratic bull run that ran the length and breadth of the USA, cost an absolute fortune and were two party members doing a turf war, just for the privilege of taking on the opposition. The misunderstood black man versus the downtrodden woman, she was publicly degraded by yet another man of substance and power, not being able to resolve his difficulties and resorts to betrayal. And the public vote didn’t reflect the expected public sympathy for this superior woman that has publicly shown that she can forgive a wayward man. Not to unusual in the female psyche though is it after all most women are the ones that will relent for the kids, the investment of time or money etc.


Again we are looking at a blame driven mechanism that is imposing an imperial stance on its masters, and the elected minority are penalising the majority of people that do not buy into a system that does not represent them or their needs, taking the unpopular line is not the stance of an effective representative collective it is just the tail trying to wag the dog.


The clean up process may take another two or three generations, for the quick fix and short term solution brigade have done to much damage to the collective view of the political process for it ever to regain a strong footing in the future, after all with over two thousand years under its belt it hasn’t got the process right yet, and that goes more so for any religious body that presumes it can govern any better, just look at the ayatollahs, the so called Jewish state. Force and rule are still imposed even by the so called morally superior. Just what are we paying for and just how much longer can we all be expected to subsidise the systems shortfalls, and be expected to keep bolstering the private sector failures out of the public purse. And how come they are getting grants and payments and are not expected to pay like their pricey systems say we have too, after all it all works so well doesn’t it.


Let’s all get our brushes and shovels out and our cleaning products and keep them at the ready for the facts are becoming blaringly obvious that this system is unable to become self sustaining and stop leaning on its parental pillars. The infrastructure is in a spiralling decay. Logic systems just never deliver, just look at the terminal five fiasco, the new computer system for the health service and the delays that are inherent in this are the same that were there for the bids for the Olympics, the millennium eye, the Scottish parliament building. Banks that cannot run financial systems with centuries of experience to pull on, and have to face financial collapse as a viable option in the present system that we with the pound in our pockets don’t pay to make work. The list is endless and the mistakes are never learned from and the process reverts after every new fiasco. So stand by your beliefs and get ready to put your shoulder to the wheel to again avert disaster, pay for it in daily sacrifices, pay for it again through your collective pockets in contributions and again penalised by local authority errant trapping to bump you yet again, and the whole process will not learn and grow but will be back in dire straights within the next decade if history is a real guide to anything its that they never learn and we never learn, that they never learn and here we go again. Look out it’s behind you, no it’s in front of you, no it’s never going to change. The more it changes the more you believe it must what a winning ticket for the unscrupulous greedy enterprising opportunist of the new politically minded new age grabbers and bandwaggoners.


Any volunteers for the next great aftermath cleanup of the new millennium cock-up of the decade, that is still to come. Just sign the pledge below.    


I ………. Swear to give till it hurts to pay for every mistake that my elected servants bill me for as I wholeheartedly support them and believe in their unerring ability to make the best decisions on my behalf and to never over bill me for the privilege of paying to keep things like, keeping the failing banking systems afloat against the facts and evidence that this hugely unworkable system can support the whole of the world and make the masses like me free from the oppressions of paying through the nose for every mistake the professional liars cost us at every turn.


Yours gullibly ………….


When you think of the American flavour of democracy isn’t it odd that it appears to be built on an unspoken declaration of dependence rather than what it says on the tin…………..



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