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The Tightening Belt

The puffin populace in Scotland has fallen by a third over the last four years. The logic loonies say its down to ‘Global Warming’ isn’t it convenient that this collection of limited imaginations have a catch all excuse ready to hand to save them having to try and join up the dots. And it upholds the money raking paymasters need to enforce a new contributions scheme, what with manufacturing falling off as it obviously is, that they regularly commission the lobotomised loonies considered opinions about things is just another demonstration of the nepotism of the clique.


In Glasgow the seagulls have moved into the city and most nights you can find quite a high population of birds dive bombing the pedestrians on Sauchiehall street. As they swoop down on the rubbish which is mostly food waste from the many food outlets and restaurants in the district. Are the fish that scarce in the Clyde that they are all moving inland to fill the hunger. The tall buildings all must just look like cliff faces to the rural gulls, and the street is like an estuary.


The litmus test of the day is still the wildlife. Just look at all of the reports of animals and their exoduses from disaster areas just before the crisis strikes. Seagulls have been following tractors for the last forty years as coastal farmers can testify to. It can’t be the scarcity of fishing stocks now can it. No Global warming is a nice little earner more likely than the truth which can’t be exploited and might even cost us more than it already has to put it right. In the wild de-population happens from loss of a dependant food supply or a shift in the balance of the ecology and the time it takes for the survivors to adapt to a new food source or acclimatise can take several generations in the culling process to take effect. The gull has adapted well, the puffin may just be a little slower.


Global warming is a hot topic no doubt about that, food prices and shortages are a hard fact of life. The credit crunch has come from the so called housing market crash, it of course doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of houses in the last decade that have been destroyed by the sustained weather fronts that still continue to ravish the world. An enormous amount of voters are now in the unhappy position that they are now left paying off a debt and they no longer have the property they are still paying for. Can’t imagine that having any bearing on the subject at all. The mockery of the old saying that nothing is as safe as houses takes on a whole new meaning with a new climactic front establishing itself in the world today.


A symbiotic or sympathetic echo of this is happening in the new flood belts that are emerging in this country, cant imagine that having any affect at all just look at how slow the insurance providers responses are, which is a legal compulsion in this country and it would seem logical to assume it has a similar requirement in America. The aftermath of hurricane Katrina in the deep south has compounded the injury more than any other thing in the recent past, just like the impossibly slow response to the flood hit districts in this country, by the lack of provision for new flood defences, a costly exercise for local authorities that have reduced their services and have raised their bills stating its all going on maintenance, when we have witnessed more housing stock sales than any other decade. Makes you wonder just where the money is going, well it cant all be going on public sector pay now can it, after all there have been no lay offs in that sector while industry is again streamlining its wages, versus storage, versus delivery costs equation for the umpteenth time in the last four decades.


The facts are that so called experts opinions all depend on who is picking up their tab. The facts can and are regularly doctored (what an appropriate term) to reflect the views of the people that commission the findings. And through the very kind legal loophole devices the private sector have learned to place dummy companies, subsidiaries and other sorts of blinds as stalls as it can take some time until the facts come to light as to who was really behind the so called research. And by that time the deal has been struck the grants have been awarded and who cares about your knowing now they did what they set out to do. And does it really matter to anyone that we will all be the ones left to pick up the final bill if these short term grabbers have there way now. They will all be long gone by the time the brown smelly stuff hits the revolving cooler blades.


The natural order managed to balance the world order for thousands of years and just look what we are achieving in just centuries and each new decade brings even greater destructive power out of the inner sanctums of the new age alchemists. If we balance the progress we have actually made against the costs in the long term, that are still to be met and the ruling powers are all running using delaying actions that prevent the full disclosure of events for decades. Logic in the extreme, that’s when logic isn’t balanced by level headed reasoning, good old fashioned good sense, will tip into lunacy if left unchecked, look at the present wave of political correctness gone wrong to see the lack of reasoning in just such a minor discrepancy, between the unemotive people in this world and their obsessive compulsive disorder for control and repeatable form versus true understanding. No need for therapy there then is there. Unlike the the true living people of the earth.


On the other hand are the over emotive irrational fear brigade with their overdeveloped neurosis of everything including their own shadows. The end result of not having a well rooted idea is the free forming morass of change and spontaneous divergence. Things will begin to look reasonable from any angle and confusion will reign.


If logic is the bones of man then reason is his flesh, a soul of understanding lets them both mesh.


A logical device like a planted organism will develop and procreate in its own predisposed manner. Nothing will happen to the seed that is stored. When planted a tropical organism will die in an arctic environment and so the reasoning for the good sense that should accompany the logical progression of seed to seed procreation is the environment and the location.


Can we as rational people afford to at this time in the world history to allow ourselves to listen to a prejudicial blame device that keeps lumping every ail in the world under the two pronged catch all banners of ‘global warming’ and ‘the credit crunch’ kind of them to label them so innocuously.


Lets ignore the evidence of history and not take into account this planet has gone through tropical periods and whole and complete ice ages in its formative periods. The stability of the climate is periodically a truism to, we have enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence with a relatively stable climate for centuries before the advent of the present planet raping material guzzling modern day life raised its ugly head. None of these halcyon days have been without great natural disasters, volcanoes, tidal waves and earthquakes. Storms and tempests have also been with us since time began. There is nothing new in what is happening in nature just these days instead of going along to the local shrine and making an offering we have scientist to explain it all for us, and yes they will deliver a baddie to blame. And it’s just a coincidence that it reflect the new money grabbing policies of the so called democracies of the world.


Funny how reason would suggest that a consensus of opinion would reflect, the majority view, and yet the dictator of the day is ignoring the masses and is sticking to his fear driven course of action to keep a ‘peace keeping force in public pay when crime is so easily dealt with when people feel validated and feel like they belong and that things are running smoothly and fairly crime drops of just look at the figures in Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.


Naively we all tend to think that if we agree with the system then we buy into it and contribute to it and if the majority do then it will be a self perpetuating device. If the majority don’t and withhold payment the timing of this would work best say when the prisons are all overcrowded, the legal system is overrun and there are not enough police to arrest every one that does not contribute, no wonder Brown is still trying to reclassify cannabis because if the drug figures for the real dangerous drugs are revealed and the falling crime statistics are taken into account, then with the paranoid rulers fear of collapse needing a strong public order presence, to enforce their need for control, you may just find your leader taking a course of action that is contrary to informed expert oppinion. Ignoring the very people you are supposed to serve (yes they are public servants getting uppity with their bosses) and that could be fatal to any career. 


Without drink related crime and this includes all of the most violent crimes, without traffic enforcement, and the drug trafficking the police would be defunct obsolete. After all they didn’t manage to save a little girl from the inevitable even when they were informed before hand that she was being stalked and was assaulted. The police as a preventative force is a modern day myth. They have proven that they are ineffective without informers, and that when it comes down to good police work it is nearly always the intervention of good luck rather than any great ability at deductive reasoning that wins the day, just look at the long unsolved cases lists to see the facts. They tool up and provoke incidents, and keep them in the public eye. The evidence is we should concentrate on clean up and make offenders face their victims, a stronger presence is not needed the majority of people and that is at least ninety nine out of every hundred, uphold the law, believe in it and don’t need to be scrutinised and made to prove themselves for the minority of peoples misdemeanours. It would be interesting to commission a detailed investigation into how many police investigations are failures, after all we only hear of the successes and scant few of them as it turns out, just how else can they be spending their time, looks like it’s a lot of tiddlers getting thrown back compared to the rare big fish being hooked.


The writing is on the wall and the inevitable collapse can only be staved of not averted. The oil crisis will have the effect of removing most of the worlds private vehicles of the roads. Ending the need for money raking devices aimed at the private driver. Just cant see them making much headway penalising big companies that already have the tacographs, and roadside testing in place, they would crush vital industry. If alcohol laws are reformed and club licences are brought into line with public opinion, crime will go down. Without a force that can subdue public protests and unrest from difficult quarters. The governing body that is the minority elect will have to face joe public bare faced and answer for their wrongs just like the rest of us mear mortals.


No longer able to reflect the will of the people, and being deprived of legitimate means of raising wealth from the pockets of the hapless, what’s a respectable extortion racket to do. Got to pick a pocket or two blue.


Why is it that if you ask the ruling bodies for an opinion it is always accompanied by cautions and provisions and limitations, and doesn’t that say more about their mindset than any other political device that they try to pull over on us to keep themselves in power. And they are nothing at all like China, Burma and Zimbabwe, they don’t take the money knowing that they cannot ever deliver what they promise, they would never knowingly use the media to whip up a concern that the system is needed more now than at any other time in the worlds history. They would never be seen appealing to the world stage to state their cases even though their actions are just hardening the populaces attitudes to the lie machine that is attached to governing bodies. The revolving physicians are on the ropes with their rhetoric falling on more and more deaf ears.


The very people responsible for the present and continuing mess are not accountable for their actions unlike the our great British democracy, that does not erode civil liberties, coerce people with threats of menace, to possessions, liberty property or life. If they don’t do as they are told. This is after all the fairest society in this misshapen ball of dirt in this northern hemisphere of the globe. Can any government actually claim and prove that it is in fact representative of the elected majority in this world today. And who will they commission to undertake the study for them eh.

Piles of Stock

There just are not enough hectares on the planet to generate the biofules necessary to run the present system as it stands with so many car owners, and all of the white products that the west has just takes the whole sorry ideal out of the reach of the slow production methods of present day farming. The food and product transportation will become absolutely essential in the early days of the change over, and this will need fuel management the likes of which this world has never seen before. Private transportation should all become hydrogen, chip fat, and electric driven and if the small fart in a tea cup ever gets better production even methane. All transportation and distribution mediums should be the sole recipients of mass biofules.


When either rationing or the world pricing structure has their inevitable effect of killing the private automotive industry, this is one of the first hurdles that we will have to face. Roads will still need to be maintained if goods distribution is kept on the ground. We could now build barrage balloons/dirigibles resurrect canals for transportation with modern materials and knowledge this isn’t as far fetched as it might seem. Hopefully these will be electric assisted using solar and wind power and as they could use wind power as a perpetual top up. I wonder when the dead heads will start to use generation devices that utilise the fly wheel or gyroscopic action, coupled with a gear system this could reduce the strain on hand cranking, to enhance regeneration.


Then the powers that be will have to start to stock pile reserves before the handover to ensure that everything is taken care of. A system of just in time management will have to be designed against for this sort of last gasp delivering is just a price hiking tool used by industry to over inflate its costs.


Commercial flights will have to move over to the gas bag technologies or learn to incorporate the three forms of lift flight in one craft.


There is a view that when Britain is suffering hardship the community that has drifted starts to reform under the shared deprivation. The idea that we have never had it so good is fast becoming a thing of the past. The unexpected by products of the present world shortages and price wars is that Britain’s obesity problems will soon become a thing of the past, fuel prices will make commuting to work a public affair once again and the train and public transportation networks will become the only way for the lowest paid to get to work and have a break. Flying will again become downsized as the numbers are first of all priced out of the privilege, fuel will be for the delivery methods only, and baggage will become a single hand held bag as industries use baggage holds as short flight small cargo delivery to subsidise income.


The strangest sight we may see is in the early days is large cargo haulage done by means of teams of horses pulling barrage balloons carrying heavy loads suspended just a few feet of the ground as they are pulled from destination to destination along practically unused motorways. If this sort of thing ever shows up in the early days it will just prove that we were not prepared and this drastic means is a last resort when you consider the advantages of an electric vehicle could pull long trains of these suspended weights and at a faster pace than any team of horses could. It would require a method of circumnavigating the flyovers and overpasses that exist at this time, the headroom is not enough to clear the bridges. But if we could devise locks for barges I am sure the clever will find a means to keeping the traffic flowing.


It has never ceased to amaze us that what this government wants it never veers from course and will find ways of circumnavigating negative public opinion to dictate its will. So be warned before they start their next round of campaigns to soften ingrained attitudes to nuclear provision. The argument still remains the same, when they clean up production processes to produce negative waste methods we can talk about it again, until then tighten the rains on all development to include waste management and processing and clean up production methods to provide no waste.


When science and governments prove to us that they can organise the proverbial piss up in the brewery then we just might let them progress onto bigger things. Untill then you will forgive us if we still just judge you on your previous shoddy records, and don’t think hiding behind a different coloured badge will save you.


Baby steps first and no panic measures just to keep this plodding monstrosity that is society from collapsing under the strains of an overburdened and poorly maintained infrastructure, let us all take the weight and be prepared to make changes and sacrifices for the greater good. When we are working as one, and when we have a true majority elected by a fair, proportional representation system, that actually takes into account the no votes. Then one day we might just be grown up enough to handle the big power debate.