Working Rules

The very idea that the state thinks that we are all its property and that we are only entitled to the human rights that they say we can have was once again added to the state erosion bill of up you little plebs we rule you and that’s that, so shut it or we will sent the boys around and you will have a kicking either in the pocket or in the place you live.

This was achieved by that blatant bellows of the bullish brown when he informed us that our right to our body only lasts as long as we are alive. The minute we are departed its theirs to use as a resource as they see fit.

Well in these days of diminishing food resources, and this is reflected in the rising cost in the supermarket. The next step for her oberstumbangfhurer is that all bodily residue will be used a s a source of nourishment for the remaining living beings and that is an order, you will be forced to accede in the face of the relentless bureaucratic machine mentality that holds nothing in life as sacred.

Well we are all forced to work in a system that holds out no hope for successful living, all the money you make will be drained from your sticky hands by the system, first for the abode that is never unkempt to a descent level, then the food and not to forget the recent Npower bid for world domination. In their most recent statement they are the power and you will pay for it.

This will force the poor who are the only people who do without when things get tough, to further tighten the already tightened belts even further. Isn’t it funny that the people with money always indulge themselves and don’t know the meaning of restraint and doing without. Always manage to still provide for every kind of indulgence that makes them the consumerism’s delight.

As we all know by now the government. Those that like to lord it over anyone that they see as inferior or beneath their notice. Are supposed to be our representatives and our spokes people for our rights and needs. In the face of the relentless machine as it grinds along crushing anything beneath its notice. Have shown in recent years that they are not the finest of our kind, they are not the honourable gentlemen that they like to call themselves. They are not the worthy successors of the accolade of the cream of the crop of humanity.

So I say get yer paws aff my rights or I will wage a war against you to your inevitable destruction, in the hearts and minds of the worlds populace. Politics already has a bad name, no one in my circle of acquaintance would trust a politician or a councilor as far as they could chuck them.

Now what does that tell us about the nature of the beast. Time for a meat fest chuck another tician on the barby or spit roast a liar today.

Obviously I have trying to quit smoking, am badly in need of a drink. and need to get out more. Not to mention it has been quite some time since I last ………….. took a chill pill. 

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