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Eye on You

Eye on You

There has been a lot of gossip about the nuclear problem in Scotland and if you take into account the loss of industry to the country, I may just have a solution that may just help resolve the situation to mutual benefit.

I saw an article about a man in the war wanting to use some of the polar ice cap to set up aircraft carrier solutions on floating icebergs, he even experimented with using wood chips in ice to strengthen the bind and delay the melting process.

Well in this day and age with RGC Methil building and refitting north sea platforms and with the Clyde shipping expertise. A pontoon flotilla could be used just as a successful solution to that problem a floating rig for a new runway adaptable to rivers in out of reach areas in the world.

The nuclear problem requires a more advanced solution to the problem so lets place our nuclear deterrent out at sea just West of the Outer Hebrides (St Kilda). As modern rocket science can accommodate longer ranges now.

Scottish National Waters

Scottish National Waters

A semi submerged platform with guidance that can be relocated or just kept on the move in the region. No fixed target for anyone, with say sixteen to twenty separate silos, each silo detachable with a crash dive submersible shell, in say six hundred feet deep waters. To either be retrieved, or for each to self steer to a safe repository till recalled, or just salvage from the bottom. The floating rig that monitors and maintains the Shylo Silo, is semi submersible with living quarters for the crew (why do rigs still put living quarters above water in north sea conditions), an underwater cargo/crew bay for small submarines (crew changes in rough seas will happen through these) and a set of piers for loading and unloading supplies from the platform can be moved to where it is needed. The platform can link up with a sea exploration and wildlife unit that attaches and has the ability to work as a repair rig for maintenance. If the unit also has a floating runway it can be used to train pilots to land on a floating runway and to refuel jets, test new aircraft on test flights. Train deep-sea divers and submersible crews. Stealth technology will be used to secrete the silo’s and the rig and as they are movable a fixed location will take absolute referencing and will bring the intruder into an underwater scanning grid of buoys to patrol the sea bed around the area. The seismic and sea bed scanning technology will become the best in the world. This will also start the process of volcanic action monitoring in the region, I’m sure science can see the sense of this and the budgets could be amalgamated to facilitate the overhead’s factor.

Lord of the Isles

Lord of the Isles

As this is installed west of the Outer Hebrides (St Kilda) by fifty to sixty miles and thirty to fifty miles north of Rockall, this will give Scotland the capability for self-defence and a mutual agreement with our neighbour. The location is just outside the maritime main shipping lanes enough to not be a problem, it is within air support distance of the mainland and is well-known waters. The Rosyth Dockyard refitting can also be moved here and with the base in the middle of a new oil field it can also have a wave and wind power source as well as a small refinery for refuelling, you know the potential is limitless, the testing of submersible habitats will progress in leaps and bounds in this type of coalition enterprise.

The community can be quite big and the industry from Scotland and England is obvious from crew to Armed personnel will all have to be sourced to mutual agreement. Some technology has to be adapted but basically you have all that it takes to keep the land safe and the population from threat. The NATO exercises that could use a mid Atlantic fuelling solution for training is endless and for a sea patrol for the oil fields would be a necessary start as well.

The safe guard will remain in place as a deterrent until they are no longer needed. Your mission should you choose to accept IT is already in our hands just say Aye when IT counts. You have eighteen months to two years to get the job done for the first inauguration of the first ‘Independent’ Scottish parliament, in some three hundred years or so.

So what do ye say. Do I hear an Eye.

All negative responses please post them in the bin, as they will be deleted anyway so save yourself the time and energy and just chuck the rubbish before it gets thrown back in yer face.

This is an original idea and my copyright to the core concept and design is: Copyright ©Chris Millar 2014 all rights reserved.

Relationship Advice

Time for Scotland to Wear IT’s Trews

Four Square

Four Square

I keep hearing that Scotland is being threatened with sanctions, destruction of support services, banks and all other kinds of worrying actions threatening to pull out of our shared interests, that the south of the Island wants to level against the north of the Island. I think it is past time for us to call in a relationship counsellor. It could go something like this….


Petition for the Briton family Mr & Mrs Briton for divorce or separation.

Mrs Briton (formerly Scotland)

Mr Johnny English Briton (formerly John bull)

Statement from Mrs Briton.

We have been together since 1707, after being invaded and forced into a union (arranged marriage) all of our assets taken and used by the main partner (Johnny English). The reduced earnings of our mutual assets all being channelled into his historical family interests. I was given a meagre living expense and basically was at his beck and call, conscripted into active service and the children forced into service to my partners legacy interests.

All mutual holdings are in the main ‘Partners’ name and all my historic monies and lands handed over to the main partner.

I have suffered historic abuse from the invasion into my homelands, rape was used to supplant the indigenous populace land workers and all lands were taken and seized for the main partners tradition interests. The systematic rape of industry and holdings continued into the present century with the closing of our own historic industries to give the work to his tradition holdings south of the border. Mining, Ship building, steel to name but three. My partner has never recognised my rights and has always used force at the first sign of any form of protest. I believe the police in my homeland are already armed to the teeth, while we are still not armed in any way.

It is understood that this separation is a material one as we are both still living in the marital home and cannot leave because of extended commitments on both sides of the border, and as a full separation means we must still live under the same roof as it is not possible to move the premises in any direction, we will still be liable for all mutual interests, shared fees and shared security of the mutual holdings.


The systematic replacement of all traditional heads of house and businesses to the aggrandisement of his southern holdings. The use of mutual assets to fill the coffers of the southern gold reserves, asset stripping silver production by under trading values in exchanges. Nineteen shillings to the pound, reducing the Scottish shilling (twelve pennies in any other persons money) to become only worth an English penny in exchange.

Repeated Invasion of homelands, Forced Union 1707, Asset stripping, Battle of George Square 1919.

Using short-changing methods in all transactions, undermining tactics and systematic abuse from main partner and all his traditional holdings staff and employees. Using a detrimental campaign of undermining and confidence erosion with extreme prejudice.

Professional Recommendation.

This is a one-sided abusive relationship that is harming the mutual growth of both partners and it is advised that if counselling for Mr English does not prove fruitful that a full divorce that allows for restitution to the injured party is established ASAP.

It is considered that Mr English should only be judged by deeds as his word is not worth the paper it is printed on.

It is interesting to note that as far as currency for the Scots goes the solution could be as simple as this..

”The last currency that this Nation had was the twenty shilling pound, that came with twelve pennies to the shilling, this Nation can use ‘A Pound’ of its own devising, or resurrect this old one without a pound note and have a fiver as the smallest note while the rest can all be coins, a Crown as the ‘pound’ coin, half crown or ten shillings for the 1/2 pound, florin as 1/4 pound or five shillings.This leaves the shilling to be divided by a penny, a threepence (1/4 shilling) and a sixpence or half shilling making it divisible against any decadent (10) money base as it has a unit, a half and quarter in it’s make-up.

There is nothing to stop us from doing this or creating a currency of our own, as our currency will be accepted by any country that trades with us, we have a period of grace till we have to start using our own currency, after a Scottish election to elect a government. We can in the mean time about eighteen months to two years still use our slave lords currency as they scrapped our one to suit their purposes.

All this dithering is just yet another tactic from the people that claim the highest moral superiority over other nations that they are currently invading and forcing their will on, just why is it that the west has to be bullied to just do the right thing, makes you wonder.

For all those No voters out there, you are playing right into the hands of the dictators of tomorrow, the Brussels puppet government, while you are being made to fly the British flag it is Germany that will be leading the Brits for the foreseeable future, Your fathers and grand fathers fought to keep them out of our business and you open the door and welcome them in by the back door.

Hope you can live with yourselves.”

And on that final ‘Note’.


View from A Locked Room

What is taken is never given back.


Robin Williams  July 21, 1951 -  Aug 11 2014

Robin Williams
July 21, 1951 – Aug 11 2014

Most people looking at the tragic death of Robin Williams will like myself find it hard to believe that this great talent has gone, the celluloid remains but the essence of the man and the presence are gone.

When a personality starts to self assess, worth of life it will always in this world come up short in the darkest spaces of depression. Depression is not sadness take this from one who knows.

Very giving people who have a great connection to others are usually left feeling short-changed by the process, as they feel they give more than they get in return. This is not an indictment against the friends and family of the people, that make such magical effects in others lives, it is a sad fact that comics that cheer people may well be needing it more than the audiences they find. Most people use a minimalist approach to life, relationships and friendships. This still has the biggest majority of people underplaying, keeping their cards close and hiding their true feelings or selves from possible harm or ridicule.

Sadly most of the world in a petty, money driven society will be doing this by rote as they make their way in the world. Keeping yourself safe or guarding your feelings is largely a predestined way of being in the modern world, the personal risks are raised when you enter particular worlds, the vain world of acting and entertainment with its larger than life looks and character dependencies.

When people reach out to touch others, to ease their day, to brighten their moments, to lift spirits they are usually the ones that are not having theirs topped up in a meaningful way, even in a steady relationship the giver will forego their own needs to facilitate the person in their attention.

Every one of these givers that falls into depression are treading on dangerous ground if they fail to deal with the fact that they do not have a giver to top themselves up, sort off an emotional pit stop, and then fall into certain dependencies, drink and drugs being the worst of them, to feel better or to just get out of the rut for a bit. It is a harsh fact of life that we each of us top up another’s feelings of self-worth, parents for children and vice versa, friends and partners. Good social groups with mutual interests as a base, a shared hobby, playing in a band or being in a team in dance or sports. This is the primary filling up point for us all, losing a giver, to a giver may well become the first step on a slippery slope.

We each top up a couple of other people and are topped up by at least a couple, but lose any point in the process and the deficit will soon show. We all need conformation from friends, acceptance and even their best regards to top up by without the theatrical need for big ceremonies and expressive displays of affection. The feeling of belonging is the best tie to keep topped up by.

This becomes a compounded injury when the person is autistic as they miss out on most of the emotional exchanges the rest of the world takes for granted.

Just to stress this point let’s look at a controlling beings way of isolating someone and breaking their support network. They begin by giving praise that is higher than normal, paying great attention and giving compliments first in dribs and drabs till they start the other wanting to spend more time with them then they increment them to showering their target. Once the person is ‘in’ a relationship the manipulator will start the undermining process, fat, ugly worthless, all this has a detrimental effect on someone in a good support group but the damage is exponential in an isolated individual. The whole process is only delayed and stalled by a strong will and a resistance to negativity. First is silent disapproval then comes outright digging and undermining the self-worth of their target, then the abusive behaviour will escalate into violence, if the target is isolated and the dominator controls the contact with other people it is well on its way to becoming the final straw in a campaign of contrition. The injury is further complicated by debt and obligations, making grades and meeting deadlines.

So if any of you find that there is one individual in your midst that makes your day, brightens your moments, just ask yourself this, ‘when was the last time you or one of the group did this for them’. This is not an accusation it is simply being asked to get you thinking about raising someone else’s mood, spirits or to just make them smile. It will light up their prison just as much as they did yours.

Mork & Mindy ABC from 1978 to 1982

Farewell Robin, this is Orson calling Mork, c u the nanu the nanu.


Once Upon a Time

In a Galaxy Not a million Light years from this one…

Sign of The Times

Sign of The Times

Once upon a time a strand of mankind found that they had a genetic advantage, to the surviving gene pool from the distant past. They found that they could keep the gene pool inhibited with moral and intellectual suppressors, making an effective work force out of their slower or inferior gene pool.

Over a period of hundreds of years they learned by experimenting on the inferior pool to cure diseases, to sculpt bodies and to improve emotional balance and intellect. Once they had perfected the drive to extend their own lives they then abandoned all pretence at helping the gene pool guinea pigs. Effectively first of all pricing the treatment out of their pockets then making waiting time long enough to kill of most of the persistent wigglers.

The next drive was to ensure that mechanical work is all done by robots and advanced machines to replace the diminishing workforce as it becomes obsolete the social games start to make it alright to pick on the lower end of the spectrum, for bad luck, poor credit, no means, you know just shooting fish in a barrel.

The diminishing dregs of the gene pool will be hounded and persecuted to extinction, while petrol gets priced out of the market or seized in war zones, while the pool is being abandoned

Flying is becoming prohibitive and is making for a deliberate push to ground flights and to lock the gene pool into areas and to make it impossible to allow freedom of movement. This will allow the provision for a small elite super group to have almost unlimited stockpiles of oil and gasoline for their dependants. Restricting freedom of movement is paramount in the bid for final control to affect the final solution.

Certain political types have been used to test the opposition, communism tested capitalism and proved to themselves that a capitalist society is all for sale or rent, they would even sell their granny for a profit. The Chinese have bought up the worlds debts all the better to get new land agreements with Africa as land for the no population control Chinese will become an issue in the next few decades.

So stop worrying about George Orwell and look to the times it is well past 1984 and big brother is a snoop and a grass and has bad intentions ready for the gullible and distracted.

Myth Busters #4

A Shrinking World



Common beliefs are being dispelled by science as a matter of cleaning up old out of date beliefs and myths. The idea that the world is shrinking is tied into the ‘Village Earth’ image of the planet. Transportation used to be widespread and is now in the current downgrading for global footprint specs, per country.

The air miles and the flight bonuses made the airways a very busy place for the last sixty or so years. But in this day and age as oil, ecological footprints and the strength of your currency against your visiting nations currency have more to do with limiting this to the elite group of high earners, this will also become true of the motor car as public transport will again become a mass device for the planet, to conserve energy and to limit travel is in the sights of the new wicked tyrants. As working platforms diminish and growth areas disappear or become an endangered species.

The new global awareness that is sweeping the world will herald a new cry for the age, life is not about things that is the commercialism spiel, and as the new chant ‘Be all we can be’ takes over the unconscious highways of the collective consciousness of the planet, we will begin to see more people ‘having’ less as this feeds the commercialisation arm of the blue meanies. Learning to be and to be at one with our environment is long overdue as every other people of the globe have learned to do, it is well past time for us to stand up as the nation of Man and to take the reins from the grubby greedy hands of the tyrants and to end the bloodthirsty march of the modern-day Nazi as they bear arms and slaughter innocence and are not held to account yet, as more and more nations become mobilised to take democracy back from the idiots that are on a career, having a lifestyle or are just playing the game with our lives, resources and historic global national wealth’s. In Britain under a capitalism this is now been used against the rulers and while they were busy and yes on their watch this has happened.

This will get ye puffin

This will get ye puffin

 The fact that some countries have not even got population control in check, while the west has means that there are two types of people in the world, those that can get along with others, live side by side with and trade well with, and those that see others as just commodities to be used harvested or dispensed with as they see fit, cannot get along with anyone and trade poorly while living in harsh militaristic regimes.

When the Internet started breaking down nations borders it became clear to those that think they rule that we were all getting out of our pens, and ‘they’ like order, peace and loud noises scare them and having a mind of your own or an opinion is just not on ‘nanny smack’ if you don’t do as she tell you brigade of band of brothers and sisters of the new third Reich, and all their comrades in arms.

Essentially the drive for a faster internet service is so that you will not see all the tracking that goes on by them. The excuse they are using is for faster downloads of films, not likely when the largest percentage of film downloads is being done off the page, radar or map. Get a slow mobile dongle and then set up a tracker to see just how much your habits are being used to target you. Right down to your computers IP address they are in your lives and they are in the halls of power and they are buying their way in or blagging their way into every enterprise they can.

We will have to take back all their associated powers and to stop funding them even if the try to change the bar code numbers or try any other flannel to get past our defences.

Don’t go quietly into the night, have a gargle and let it rip from the highest. ‘Get yer paws aff ma freedoms.

A Sense of Freedom

Haste Ye Back (Safe Home)

tsFrom the hemline of the wall down there to the artex ceiling isles under the sky up north, there was a warm welcome to the commonwealth games. That’s like the British sports league (home fixtures matches) played against their own, some held empire tied by the old colonial heartstrings group of buddies (conquests) are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome in the fading light of the last vestiges of an empire, you know the passion spent the thrills been had and yet the bond is still there, as they slowly start to stand on their own two feet and parting their ways. Most just pleased to have the memory, the benefits and because they aspire to similar ideals.

It’s time to state the obvious dear, we no longer head to bed together, you have your friends and you hate mine and well, this joint bank account …….. thing is you’ve nearly ruined centuries of investment and growth for a quick turn over and you’re borrowing and spending well they need to be cut right back to a strict budget, you are living beyond your means and collateral, that is a diminishing return and my financial advisor states this loss of equity is forcing my ‘self enterprises’ to take stock and to have to get the road show streamlined and actively earning until it can accrue worth again, so my advisor has declared separate bank accounts and a probationary period to see if you can stick to that if not we will have to consider escalating to a sell off of mutual assets.

A parting of the way’s and off course a new negotiation with England as to mutually beneficial standings and agreements. May even have to institute a new ‘Democratic Charter’, but Brussels and the EU can stick their greedy mitts right where the sun cannot reach. As their opinion and threats to our income will be as effective as any of histories previous unpopular sanctions. The reasons that some of the histories sanctions failed to have impact was because of undeclared friends slipping them a bung or sending food parcels.

This last fading light is not how it should be it deserves a standing ovation an accolade or memorial, to a brave but misguided effort by a small group of islands, a colonial (temperate) archipelago of diverse cultures with a collective even temperament as their shared base. Attempt to influence and improve other nations in exchange for the means and trade agreements, that we still have with each other is we know what to expect from dealings with one another. This could safeguard or ring-fence the political clout of a sanction, like the armour of god. This could allow for tougher stances on hard-line world stage events and actions.

We the Caledonian nation Of Alba-Scotland (we’ll settle on wan soon), are now ready to keep up our own end, and to contribute to the mutual property its safety and collective concerns, to aid the commonwealth as an earning son, pays dues to family, and so the dance does go.

Leader board evaluations for the Games using per capita (headcount percentages) for each Nation as indicators to their relative positions in the Commonwealth League of Nations.

Rank Country Medals Population Team Per Capita
1 England 174 57.500.000 409 330459.77
2 Australia 137 23,522,515 409 171697.18
3 Canada 82 35,163,430 266 428822.31
4 Scotland 53 5,254,800 310 99147.16
5 India 64 1,210,193,422 220 18909272.21
6 New Zealand 45 4,561,498 232 101366.62
7 South Africa 40 52,914,243 187 1322856.07
8 Nigeria 36 173,611,131 116 4822531.41
9 Kenya 25 45,941,977 183 1837679.08
10 Jamaica 22 2,808,750 113 127670.45


As you can see from this bit of fun for Scotland we have one medal shared between 99147.16 people. But Scotland, New Zealand and Jamaica are all on minimal population to medals ratios within the commonwealth teams.

Well done to England on its overall scores and for some great sports from all which includes some exceptional firsts. With our best regards to all the Commonwealth Countries and look forward to seeing you in 2018 on the Gold Coast.


Glasgow Green Closing Ceremony

Glasgow Green Closing Ceremony




After Last Event

After Last Event


Breaking News During

Hear that Keep MUM Aunty Beeb!

Breaking News During

A Bitter Aftertaste

Taking Responsibility



The world is in a rush to establish a new order and to assume it can extend its control onto the past, which was a different order run to different dynamics and laws, but that won’t stop this ego maniacal drive towards total control and giving yourself immunity from any responsibility. The last era was run to different rules those things that people keep between themselves, this generation sums this up with the phrase ‘What happens in (LA, NY, Glastonbury) stays here’.

We have always ran our own rules for the time and given the crop at the plate and about to bat. It was predominant of the men of my father’s generation that ‘a man of little words’ was usually a groper or prone to making passes, they believed they never knew their luck. Woman have generally taken it on board with each crop as it ripens and starts to play the great game has their own ways and will either cry foul or keep it quiet they have this in their collective nature. Now we know that there is a higher percentage of inarticulate men that are out of touch with their feelings that will pounce, and not have the social skills to deal with the fallout and so they end badly.

In the seventies and before drink used to taste awful, you had to acquire a taste for it for it to become a problem. In the eighties and nineties and more so in the noughties, the drinks industry has made sweetie pops and other kiddie sounding titles, with alcohol given a better taste has the nation been ready for this, well let’s just look at the aftermath of present day drinking habits to see if there is any correlation from the industries drive for bigger profits.

Police presence over weekends                               (wonder what the spending is)

Hospitals overcrowded from Friday nights and A&E is a nightmare

A generation that drops everything everywhere without thought (Litter)

Incidents of drink and drug fuelled violence and crime, just how do the figure stack up against the historic relative figures from the 60’s and 70’s they must surely still be on record, but that would hamper the growth and continuation of a child focused drink solution to get them younger for once hooked it’s for life and the spiral is only ever downwards.

But with the commons now subsidising its own fellows bar bills to the tune of millions per year what chance is there for a good decision that does not keep the industry in the kindergarten preying on the young, like liqueur predators, get em young, hooked for life.

The time is past patience’s good graces for some of these non rulers to stand up and make a better world and to kick manufacturers and party backers alike into touch. Restraint, tolerance or even just good old fashioned self discipline are a good place to start.

The funny thing is they swagger about bullying the voters and, wimp and ass lick to the banks and their own backers. Is that just dyslectic for the modern ironic age.

An Unpopular Piece

Inhumane Actions

The Self

The Self

Wimbledon and the world cup are over, the sun is out and the weather is warm. Cheryl formerly Tweedy ne Cole and now Fernandez-Versini. Has a million dollar smile again, like the cat that got the cream.

There was an article a week or so ago that brought to light the Prussian start in Germany and how it was formative in the fashioning of a countries psyche. The article tried to deliver an insight into the German state and its financial domination of the EU.

The main thing about supremacy is it is not just, white, black or any flavour of religion. It is the process of seeing oneself as better than anyone else, there are Christian, groups Muslim, Arian and Black just of the top of my head and yet, none of them have managed to take over the world yet.

The Muslims that want to enslave every other nation to Islam is as repugnant as the Jews land grabbing tactics in the Sudan. Ethnic cleansing is a nation killer, it subjugated the indigenous males for the raping troops to supplant their race.

In every form of conflict there is Rubber Necker’s and complicit abstainers, the Hamas clearances currently under way by the new third Reich Nazi trained storm troopers of Israel. My how those Nazi’s trained these killing machines well. as the world rubber necks the conflict. The abstainers the Americans, China, Russia and Britain that are not protesting this invasion of a people’s right to their homes and properties. Are guilty of endorsing a land clearance action on the grounds of a two thousand-year old prior right to the land, well Mr president that will open up the American Nation to a new legitimate prior claim to the land of the New Americas by the original owners and occupiers of the land that are still now resident on the property that you are claiming taxes and land rights you do not have a right to. This new legitimate claim has as its start the endorsement you are making on Israel, while yelling about sanctions for a Stupid Russian killer bringing down an air-plane. Bet the British and Americans have never brought down one of their own before, or fired on friendly installation in a shoot first war policy they still bury the right to questions after the events.

Indian Nations

Indian Nations

So abstainers you have your hands in your pockets, feet shuffling and eyes on the ground so you can claim distraction, ignorance or innocence as to what was really going on, on the ground in Israel. You are all complicit in this action or the uproar would have stifled the world protesting about the MH17 tragedy. The poor handling of the action and the mistreatment and lack of respect for the bodies of the murdered.

For the Jews and I have waited a long time to say this, you were taken by the all mighty into the desert and were told that he would deliver to you the land of milk and honey.

How many nations have Jewish communities that have no land rights of their own but buy property in these lands to create communities, little china’s, India’s and Italian quarters are the same the world over.

Yet this action on the Gaza Strip is not heralded by legions of angels, is not being delivered by a host of cherubim, or even being established by his terrible will, no Passovers and no miracles equals no god in this man-made action of atrocities from the New Third Reich.

So finally how is it that all the settled Jewish communities of the world are outraged by this Israeli invasion in their name. How is it they can wait and rely on the word, and yet these gun-toting barricade building tyrants can’t, why is it they cannot simply fit in to any of the Jewish quarters of the world.

The rest of the abstainers and rubber necker’s should all be ashamed of their complicities and their ghoulish fascination and morbid curiosity. You are all guilty in this action whether you like the fact or not, now see if you can wash the blood from your hands Pontius.


And it’s downfall

Why was it whenever the German race bragged or boasted about its accomplishments, it was always accompanied by a reference to their supposed superiority.

One dictionary definition for superior is :-


When a nation is forming it will complete a stage where its national identity (How it sees itself in relation to the world) is being formed, that is when its self worth will be formulated. Most human people are aware of their shortfalls as well as their strengths, the idea that we suddenly become superior, in our best at all times is unthinkable for most of us, because we are all too aware of our failures and frailties.

When a nation has a greater series of successes under its belt, it could feel justified in thinking it is more than just capable. But when a nation believes itself to be superior to all other nations, or that it has divine right on its side, then the world has reason to fear.

The first world war was the first rise of the Reich, the war that was last fought against the German nation we were all told we won the battles we were not told we had lost the war. The efficient record keeping and mass industrial techniques complete with, stop and search police on the Streets of Britain, You must prove yourself and be open to interrogation by the people that say they are our superiors. Yet their actions show they are clearly not in any way our superiors just our jailors. As they asset strip your and my rights to the bone, so that in a federalistic state, your will be tracked everywhere by GPS (phones), if you don’t do as your told your money account will be magically suspended without the need for a court action or any right to appeal. Once money transactions are all done through the phone and a cash currency is outlawed. Hell then any superior breed can then do as it pleases with no regulations bar their own.

This is the third rise of the Reich, they and their buddies around the world may have put down the gun but stealing the people’s rights will transfer them to a dictatorial enclave that will not have to honour any form of human rights whatsoever, or even have to pretend that they do or ever did.

National pride, self belief and self worth will make nations into strong neighbours and good allies, any form of superiority will bring about the destruction of mankind and will instigate the realisation as man the commodity and tool of empires, barely even human just like the tyrants that are asset stripping your rights as we speak.

The same tyrants that are complicit in the Israeli murder conflict as it unfolds, @500 death’s and counting.

Myth Busters #3

‘Beauty is only skin deep’


Concept Art

Concept Art

The common belief for this to be true is that the inner person has no beauty, that beauty in this definition is really looks, which really are only skin deep.

The whole understanding of the terms of beauty have to take into account the subjective and the objective view of people, art, scenery, jewellery and nature to get a better understanding of aesthetic observations of beauty and the visual form.

Looks and general design appeal, define the worth or quality of a work of art, a piece of jewellery. What makes an object appear beautiful is just how much the object reflects the observers definitions of beauty. The materials, the original concepts, the embedded symbology of the piece, truisms, religious concepts or natural laws. Hence the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it would be truer to state that beauty is encapsulated by the forms or concepts of the observers ideals of beauty, that then strike a resonant chord in the higher feeling centre, the area above the solar plexus and bellow the throat.

The emotional evocation that comes from experiencing the higher feelings, when presented with beauty are directly experience in the area defined above and it is not everyone that has a concept of beauty that can be resonated. So experiencing beauty or even just being able to appreciate fine works, the observer must have a conceptual ideal of beauty in the first place. No definition no response.

The fascination in art is the sheer amount of man hours that an artist has spent creating the work. This will always bring admiration and cause sensations by concept, content and materials. The detail of the work and the final polish of the item all have a say in how well-regarded the piece will be.

BeautyThe ideal of human beauty is as subjective as the appreciation of fine art, or precious works. The eye of the beholder syndrome. Human beauty is felt to be at its highest in the female form, that does not mean that men cannot be seen as beautiful, it just means the predisposition of our species is orientated on the female form.

The outpourings of rapturous appreciation for human beauty all describe at an intrinsic level the form and definition of the outer body, while the greater historical definitions use descriptions that do not have a purely physical expression. Grace, poise, bearing, manner are often used in conjunction with beauty. The others tend towards inner manner of being statements, like ‘she had a gentle and ethereal quality to her aching and haunting beauty’. This is again objective observation coupled with subjective standards and levels of appreciation of beauty.

The most ancient and still the most prevalent holds true to the concept that it is an inner quality that defines beauty and that it is good looks or exquisite form that is the icing on the cake, for many truly beautiful artefacts cannot be said to exhibit just physical design qualities. They embody every concept from desperation, defeat, victory and salutations, the tenderness of meetings and partings, the bonds of mother and child, the fellowship and camaraderie in actions, deeds and experiences.

BeautyIIFor this reason it would be truer to state that good looks are only skin deep and are therefore truly are ‘in the eye of the beholder’. True beauty has to have a resonant subjective ideal in the viewer to transcend mere good looks.


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